Total Capacity Height Width Length
295 50 46


Vertical Storage Tanks

Increasing the versatility of our tank designs, Axis Moldings also offers a 295 – Gallon Vertical Tank for use in areas requiring a more compact footprint.

Featuring the same design innovations as our horizontal tanks, these products also integrate with our small secondary containment basins to conceal any spillage from endangering the environment.

  • 3-inch strapping indents for whole tank weight distribution tie down increases surface area and reduces the possibility of cables loosening, fraying, or slipping over time.
  • 2-inch port reinforced for telemetry provides reinforcement to prevent cracking after prolonged use and exposure.
  • 35% larger gallon markings on 3 sides of the tank make it easier to monitor chemical levels and prevent delays in submitting restock requests that could hinder job flow.

  • 8-inch Buttress style threads create a leak-tight seal versus a drop in lid while still allowing release of vapors to prevent dangerous build-up of pressure. Our unique engineered lids offer different fit options as well, with designed not one but two 2 inch NPT holes for added accessories. Our lids are the strongest in the market by being over 15% thicker.


Built to last, polyethylene storage tanks manufactured using rotational molding utilize a high-temperature, low pressure process and rotation on two axes to produce hollow, one-piece parts. By controlling the heat and rotation throughout production and cooling, we create tanks with inherent strength that are free from welds and joints in the finished product. Creating products using quality materials that are resistant to rust, corrosion, impacts, and UV light, our tank molds feature several design innovations that make our tanks superior to the competition.

horizontal chemical storage tank

Our advanced design delivers solutions to combat some of the challenges presented by competitor’s tanks.

vertical tank for chemical storage

Featuring the same design innovations as our horizontal tanks, these products also integrate with our small secondary containment basins.

axis moldings containment basin

Revolutionized containment basin design and continuity in product durability.

axis moldings parts

Numerous accessories to complete your installation to maintain safety for both personnel and the environment.


Focused on long-term relationships with our clients, our team relies on years of experience in the industry to understand and anticipate our clients’ evolving needs. The first rotational molding company in Midland, Axis Moldings provides locally manufactured products readily available for pickup locally. Reducing lead times and eliminating the need for shipping over large distances, we offer extreme durability and flexibility for your on-site chemical containment. Whether using one tank or several in tandem, Axis Moldings offers various sizes and configurations to adapt to your needs.