Universal Solutions

An ideal storage system for production chemicals, Axis Moldings locally manufactures plastic chemical storage tanks that are extremely durable and resistant to fading and chipping. Highly resistant to a broad range of chemicals, these tanks provide excellent insulation and prevent many chemicals, including acid and caustic solutions, from leaching out through the material. Polyethylene tanks also have smooth, easily washable surfaces, offering ease of maintenance throughout the life cycle of the tank.

Used throughout the oil and gas sector, we offer an entire suite of products designed to make your operations more effective by lessening the challenges that arise during production and transportation to the Permian Basin.

plastic molding


Built to last, polyethylene storage tanks manufactured using rotational molding utilize a high-temperature, low pressure process and rotation on two axes to produce hollow, one-piece parts. By controlling the heat and rotation throughout production and cooling, we create tanks with inherent strength that are free from welds and joints in the finished product. Creating products using quality materials that are resistant to rust, corrosion, impacts, and UV light, our tank molds feature several design innovations that make our tanks superior to the competition.

horizontal chemical storage tank

Our advanced design delivers solutions to combat some of the challenges presented by competitor’s tanks.

vertical tank for chemical storage

Featuring the same design innovations as our horizontal tanks, these products also integrate with our small secondary containment basins.

axis moldings containment basin

Revolutionized containment basin design and continuity in product durability.

axis moldings parts

Numerous accessories to complete your installation to maintain safety for both personnel and the environment.

Buying Local Saves Time

Axis Moldings offers rotational molded parts readily available on a local level with no extended lead times for our customers.

Serving all of Texas and beyond through locations in Midland and Pleasanton, Axis Moldings is the superior choice over other rotational molding companies. While Texas is noted for its rich petroleum and natural gas, its remote location makes it challenging for companies to optimize their manufacturing processes. With hours of travel typically required to source products and replenish supplies, Axis Moldings alleviates some of this strain by having products readily available and managing pickup and shipping from our two locations. Reducing lead times and eliminating the need for shipping required with other poly tank manufacturers, we also utilize the highest quality raw materials in order to create a product that offers extreme durability for your on-site chemical containment.


Focused on long-term relationships with our clients, our team relies on years of experience in the industry to understand and anticipate our clients’ evolving needs. The first rotational molding company in Midland, Axis Moldings provides locally manufactured products readily available for pickup locally. Reducing lead times and eliminating the need for shipping over large distances, we offer extreme durability and flexibility for your on-site chemical containment. Whether using one tank or several in tandem, Axis Moldings offers various sizes and configurations to adapt to your needs.