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Across Texas, from the Permian Basin to Central Texas and beyond, lies soil rich in petroleum and natural gas deposits. United States oil production in these areas has been rising, making the availability of the resources needed to continue operations increasingly important. Although the remote location of the Permian region and the sheer size of Texas overall typically requires several hours of travel to restock supplies, Axis Moldings makes it possible for companies to optimize their production output by locally offering a variety of chemical storage tanks to keep products readily available.

Offering durability in the harshest of environmental conditions, our tank molds feature several design innovations that respond to the ever-changing needs of the industry. Featuring oversized strapping indents to allow for more even weight distribution and gallon markings visible on multiple sides of the tank that make it easy to monitor stock levels, Axis Moldings’ portfolio of products responds to the need for varying containment solutions on your production site.

oilfield pump

Oil & Gas





Durable & flexible for your on-site chemical containment needs

Providing solutions for the bulk containment of fluids used at various stages of the drilling and production process, Axis Moldings locally manufactures one-piece oil and gas storage tanks in a variety of sizes. Decreasing lead times with our centralized production, these tanks are resistant to rust, corrosion, impacts, and UV light. Offering both horizontal and vertical tanks in numerous capacities, choosing the right tank depends on the specific needs of your facility.


  • Paraffin Inhibitors
  • Scale Inhibitors
  • Dispersing/Cleaning
  • Agents
  • Paraffin
  • Solvents/Dispersants


  • Demulsifiers
  • Water Clarifiers
  • Defoamers


  • H2S Scavengers
  • Corrosion Inhibitors
  • Biocides

Chemical Containment Solutions

Whether using one tank or several in tandem, Axis Moldings offers various sizes and configurations to adapt to your needs.

Creating universal solutions for chemical storage while minimizing environmental impacts and spillage with our containment basins, Axis Moldings has developed a variety of products that respond to the needs of our clientele.

Allowing operations to continue uninterrupted by reducing lead times and eliminating the need for shipping over large distances, Axis Moldings offers extreme durability and flexibility for your on-site chemical containment needs.