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Rotational molding is a high-temperature, low-pressure process for forming plastic to produce hollow, one-piece parts. Using heat and rotation on two axes, a plastic polymer in powder or pellet form is loaded into the mold. As it heats and rotates, the polymer coats the mold to form the product. Using controlled heating and rotation, as well as a controlled cooling process, tanks manufactured in this manner are consistently sized, durable, one-piece products free from welds and joints in the finished product. In addition to creating long-lasting products, rotational molding generates very little waste through the manufacturing process.

The most common type of consumer plastic, polyethylene is used in many products that we use daily. Extremely durable, polyethylene tanks are resistant to fading and chipping while providing excellent insulation and preventing many chemicals, including acid and caustic solutions, from leaching out through the material. Highly resistant to pressure and chemicals, polyethylene tanks also have smooth, easily washable surfaces, offering ease of maintenance throughout the life cycle of the tank.

Many factors affect long-term use of polyethylene tanks, but their durability and strength make them suitable for many applications. Installation and use play a role in the life-cycle of these tanks, with tank mobility affecting the durability of the unit. When your needs require a tank to be easily maneuvered on your site, casters and movable basins can be used to preserve the tank’s structure. Tanks should be regularly inspected to ensure they have not reached end-of-life, checking for fissures or cracks and other wear marks. Visual inspections can be aided by dropping a light into the tank, making it easier to see any defects. Designed to be long-lasting, conducting annual inspections allows you to more easily determine when a tank is no longer safe and should be replaced.

Polyethylene tanks offer longer life and less maintenance than steel or fiberglass tanks, in addition to being non-reactive, making them a superior choice for chemical storage. A cost-effective solution for on-site chemical storage and offering protection in harsh environments, these tanks are also impact resistant and less prone to damage.

Throughout their life cycle, tanks made from polyethylene are environmentally friendly thanks to the flexibility of reuse offered by this material. While in use, any spills or overflow of contents are captured in the basin and prevented from contaminating the ground below. Environmental factors such as dust are prevented from mixing with the chemicals, while intrusion from birds and other animals is also deterred. As recycling technology develops, these tanks are even more environmentally friendly with their cradle-to-cradle capabilities. Despite being unsuitable for disposal in a landfill, poly tanks can be melted down and remolded into another product once they reach their end-of-life.

horizontal chemical storage tanks with secondary containment basins below

Buying Local Saves Time

Axis Moldings offers rotational molded parts readily available on a local level with no extended lead times for our customers.

Serving all of Texas and beyond through locations in Midland and Pleasanton, Axis Moldings is the superior choice over other rotational molding companies. While Texas is noted for its rich petroleum and natural gas, its remote location makes it challenging for companies to optimize their manufacturing processes. With hours of travel typically required to source products and replenish supplies, Axis Moldings alleviates some of this strain by having products readily available and managing pickup and shipping from our two locations. Reducing lead times and eliminating the need for shipping required with other poly tank manufacturers, we also utilize the highest quality raw materials in order to create a product that offers extreme durability for your on-site chemical containment.

The Future is on the Horizon

Positioning ourselves strategically across Texas to provide our clients with unsurpassed customer service with a local presence, Axis Moldings recognizes the unique needs of those requiring a comprehensive chemical packaging solution. Pairing a locally made product with our knowledge and experience throughout all aspects of the industry, Axis Moldings provides high-quality rotational molding manufacturing rooted in advancing our client’s production capabilities.